Friday, March 5, 2010

4th Grade Honors Journal Gems

...Or: 9-Year-Olds Kick the Creative Shit Out of Grown-Ups


Journal Prompt:

Write about as many of these journal topics as you wish, but remember to KEEP WRITING during the journal time in class!

1. If you could be any color in a crayon box, which would you be, and why?
2. Write a list of things that make you laugh.
3. What would you do if you were principal of the school for a day?
4. Describe your perfect dream house.


1. White, because if I am white, I will be the long-lifest. Do you know why? Because the owner often don't use me, and I can see my owner's life. It is fun to see my owner's life, if it is not sad.

4. I will make the library bigger than 10 dinosaurs, and when the books add together, it will higher than the moon.

3. Please try to come to school wearing your Halloween costume.

4. My dream house is to have wings. And has chocolate-smelled water to wash my hands and my room will have lemon smells. I would tell my house to fly whenever I want to.

Jade (a boy)
  • A person was eating soap.
  • make a zip on my stomach.
  • The hericoper wings is made of knife.
  • Eating the ice-cream all over the face
  • A baby pup in his pants
  • A man just fell down in the ice.
  • A man just step on yucky pu

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