Thursday, August 6, 2009

La Selva

Wow, what a couple of weeks.

Basically, the last two weekends have involved me partying my balls of with my brother and a small group of two close friends. Last Friday night, Tristan threw a going away party for our friend who is going to be a Vista volunteer in Maine. Halfway through the night, he got punched in the face by a girl.

Here's what went down: I got Tristan a pair of Groucho Marx glasses that has a turn-y thing on the nose and when you wind it up, the eyebrows and mustache go up and down creepily. So anyway, there was this girl at the party who was trying to fuck everyone, and she was flirting with people while wearing the glasses. Tristan said, "Be careful with those glasses." To which she replied, "What, these glasses?" *SNAP.* That snap was the sound that was made as Bitch broke the glasses while looking at Tristan, like some bully would do in High School Musical. To this, my brother said to Bitch, "You're a stupid bitch." Apparently this went on for a couple of minutes until, finally, Bitch hauls off on my brother four or five times before he put her in a very calming, humane headlock for a moment and sends her on her way. He spent the rest of the night and most of the following day absolutely ecstatic that he threw a party in which he got punched in the face by a girl.

So now I'm in Costa Rica. I met up with my boyfriend yesterday in San Jose, and we took an 8-hour bus down to our jungle cottage this morning. By "cottage," I mean "palace." Apparently, dad spent the entirety of this past year adding shit onto the house, and now we have a second bathroom, an upstairs office with a 50" plasma television, and wireless internet. Meanwhile, China's blocked the fuck out of any social networking sites. I'm sad that I'm going to be less connected to my cyber community back in Shanghai than I am here in the fucking jungle.

So I recently made my biggest adult purchase to date, which was a 30 GB iPod touch, a Gateway netbook, and a Bamboo Wacum tablet, all of which have changed my life, probably for the worse (but definitely the more pleasurable). Things I am currently into because the robots allow me to be:
  • Twitter. I held out because it seems to be destroying the integrity of internet publishing (har), but turns out, it's addictive. I especially like it because it requires next to no commitment. (If you want to follow me, my name's moplumsy on there too.)
  • The iPod touch. I know I mentioned this above, but have you guys seen this thing? It's pretty much the goddamned future. Seriously, I've got two Chinese dictionaries, a Spanish translator, the entire first season of The State, and a game called Globall that shows me where every other person playing Globall is in the world. Shit could probably do my laundry if I downloaded the right app.
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