Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm so ronery...

Sorry for the lack of updates recently...China has blocked blogspot and it's nearly impossible to get to these days.

Anyway, I'm back in the States, thus the writing. I've been here since July 2nd, and I've gotta say, I'm in a horrible rut. Unlike last year, I truly feel out of place in America now. My friends are back in Shanghai or traveling this summer. My brother's really busy (though in a totally awesome way...not only is the kid working and going to school, but he's getting his goddamned pilot's license and has flown solo several times so far). I have people to visit in NYC and Boston, but not here in WV. It doesn't feel like home anymore. I'm lonely. Ick.

July 4th was special, though. The brother, three friends and I went up onto a secret rooftop fire escape to watch the fireworks over the Mon. River. It was lovely, and then we went to 123 for the Mayday! party with Big Ass Manatee and brought the club down. And did I mention the ribs for dinner? All in all, a good, old-fashioned WV July 4th.

And to sum up my schedule in a sort of nebulous manner, summer looks like this, in order: Williamsburg, VA with Mom and David, NYC/Boston, Costa Rica with Ming :-), DC for a few days (Brit? Alisa?), then back to Shanghai.

Oh, yes, and I'm also getting into some awesome Photoshop art and I'm developing a children's book with a REALLY good hook. But more on that later--I'ma go sulk and feel restless for a while.


Jamie said...

HARRO!! I was stumbling through blogs and through emily's your "i'm so ronery" caught my eye!!
Don't be ronery!! How are you? How's this year? Why does your blog give me an adult content warning before i enter? Hoot??

(this jamie btw)

Jamie said...

I'm dumb. It's summer!