Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Humble Home

Since I'm finding myself faced with more free time (though right now I'm hardly free--I'm in the middle of my geography 5 class and am punishing them for being loud by having them read quietly), I'm now finding it easier to blog about my life here in Zhongguo.

I know that some of my friends back in the US have been interested in my living situation...no time like the present, eh?

The Living Room/Kitchen

Here's the view, more or less, from the door. My coffee table and uncomfortable love seat. The lamp is standing on a table in the corner, and extends over the center of the room.

Some art and stuff across from the loveseat.

The kitchen. Do you see my kettle? That's the only place I can cook.

View from the kitchen, looking back at the door.

The Bedroom/Home gym/Entertainment Center/Vanity

The view as you walk into the bedroom.

Where the magic happens, obviously. Sorry it's messy. Check out the home gym. Also, computer station.

My tv right at the foot of my bed and my vanity over by the window.

The Bathroom/Pony Shower

Girlie sink things.

Look at how friggin enormous that thing is! Sorry about the mess...it was laundry day.

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Brittany said...

Thanks for posting pictures!! Cute apartment. You've made it look really cozy...although given that there isn't a ton of space that probably wasn't hard to do.