Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm off Facebook again...

It seems every time I hit an emotional crisis, I deactivate Facebook. It helps me get away from, well, number one, being a stalker, and number two, putting my big dumb face out there too fucking much to be enjoyable.

I'll be back eventually. I just need time not to see some things. Bah.

In the meantime, might I entertain you with some hilarious images from my beloved Whore of the Orient?

The racist minstrels on the wall in the building where I hold honors English.

Inappropriate bookworm.

I can come up with no snappy caption for this one. It's a picture of a mushroom (or an oyster or muscle or something) that Chelsea and I saw in the elevator of Cloud 9 Shopping Plaza. I said it looked like a horrifying, horrifying vagina, and she added that, yes, it certainly did, one teeming with STDs that hadn't been attended to. Keep in mind, it's a restaurant advertisement. Mmmm...

Provocative ATM prompt.

In all fairness, it's my favorite kind of explosion.

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