Tuesday, May 13, 2008

News Bulletins

1. A lot of people have contacted me with concerns, and I just wanted everyone to know that I wasn't in the earthquake. A couple of people said they felt it here, but I was in class and apparently too distracted to notice. Either way, I'm fine, and so is Shanghai. (Though the earthquake happened in Chengdu, where I'll be going in a couple of months to see the pandas. I hope those pandas are alright.)

2. I'll officially be home on the morning of July 11!!! I booked the ticket using dad's credit card...hopefully he'll understand for the couple of months before I pay him back. It's not like I didn't try like hell to get in contact with him, but that's dad for you. Anyway, I'll be in WV/the US between July 11 and August 5, then I go to CR until the 13th, then I'm back to the US until the 21st, when it's back to Shanghai and new apartment with me. Speaking of which...

3. I'm really excited about the new apartments. My new place will be on the opposite side of the track from where it is now, and will be about 1 1/2 times as big with an enormous shower. That, and a community room, a storage space, and a big shared balcony with a view of Xujiahui and the Pearl Tower (which doesn't make logical sense but we could totally see it when we snuck onto the construction site the other day).

4. This Saturday, our friend is throwing a joint Bacchanalia birthday party on an honest-to-goodness replica pirate ship that goes up and down the Bund on the Huangpu River. We're all having togas, gladiator costumes, and Greek goddess dresses made especially for the occasion, and on Saturday, Cindy and I are going to have fresh flower wreathes woven in our hair. Remember...this is the costume crowd.

5. I'm back on facebook...have been for a few weeks. Expect Bacchanalia pictures.

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