Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy June!

It's been an intense couple of weeks, so let's start at the beginning.

May 17 was officially the coolest night of my life with the Bacchanalia party to celebrate Kate and Jeff getting thismuch older. What's cooler than a toga party? Oh, not too much, unless you're having your toga party on a boat. On the Huangpu beside the Bund. With a band. And trashcans full of ice and cans of beer, and a two story beer bong. And did I mention the togas? I think I mentioned the togas...

The 23rd brought us to Roller Fabulous, the once-every-two-month roller disco party thrown by crazy people who don't believe in safety. What I love about China is you can have things here that would NEVER, EVER fly in America...for instance, an open-bar, crammed beyond fire-hazard capacity roller disco filled with costumes and spilled alcohol. It's dangerous and incredible and highly recommended for those who don't mind a couple of bruises they can't remember getting.

This past Saturday morning I started a beginning photography class at the Expat Learning Center beside Abbey Road. The classes run every Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 12:30 pm from now until the last weekend in June. I've already made some super friends who I assume I will get wasted with in the extremely near future, and a few of us have already decided to take the advanced class in the fall to learn studio photography.

Meanwhile, there are ELEVEN teaching days left before the end of the semester. WTF. The time has completely flown by, and I'm SO happy I'm coming back for more. This week is the last full teaching week...we have next Monday off, and the following Thursday and Friday are final exam days, which means, essentially, that I'm FINISHED and welcoming the summer with open arms and a huge bonus.

Beyond all this, nothing much has happened. I'm off to the robot store tonight to get some robots for my depth of field assignment, and am probably also taking myself out on a date.

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