Thursday, March 6, 2008

I do not love poetry.

That is false. FACT: I love poetry, but whoever posts poems under my name on is NOT me, lest you wonder. I found this out by Googling my name with the quotes Boolean operator (are quotes around a search a Boolean operator? I just wanted to try and use the phrase in a sentence. Is that how you would even use that in a sentence?...), and found a few entries by a poet who happens to share my first and last names. I'm not surprised...there are, after all, FIVE of us (on Facebook). I just didn't want you to, now that I'm off Facebook and disappeared, Google my name for news of my most recent adventures/embarrassing old pictures and websites and come across my own, personal page. (But if you ever want to remember how fucking deep you were when you were fourteen, I highly recommend it.)

Meanwhile, it's 4 hours since playing tennis and my recently healed ankle is once again a stiff knot of horrifying joint pain. For those who don't know, I was out about a month ago in heels and I...well...folded. I walk on the extreme outside of my feet, which I blame on a hip deformity I was apparently born with, and if I don't pay extreme attention to what I'm doing in heels I tend to fall. Which I did. It was kind of like I fell into sitting Indian style, but involuntarily, and directly onto the outsides of my ankles.

Plus I was on stairs. I am always falling down stairs.

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Donk said...

Yes. That's a Boolean operator. Hooray!