Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stuff on my mind.

1) Jonc always tells me to update my blog. "Update your blog," he says. But he hasn't updated his blog since Thursday.

2) I get to see Jonc and the lovely Sam Klugman here in the next few days as my homies and I are orchestrating a week-long mass exodus to the northeast.

3) One of the peeps that is teaching at Shanghai High with me is actually graduating from Brown when I'm up there, so I get to meet him. Small world.

4) I'd forgotten how great the movie Super Troopers was until a couple of days ago. Then I remembered.

5) I went to Columbus two days ago and ate a burger made out of a buffalo. It was delicious. Also, I ordered Reno 911: Miami in my hotel room on Sunday night. Great movie. Good times.