Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Endings

So, all were present for a sunny week of spending far too much money, eating a lot, getting pretty drunk, and watching our beloved Jon-a-thon (and Kat and Shawn and Leora and Hanna and Allyn and on and on...) graduate from Brown University. The group is SO hot, in fact, that they made Brown's homepage. (Scroll down to "About Brown.") In case the picture is removed any time soon, here she be:

(Original size was much bigger. I don't know why it shrunk in the saving.)

Here's a day-by-day play-by-play of my vacation's festivities, you know, if you're like, having a slow day or something:

Thursday: Get up at 5am and are almost too late to catch the plane. See Aaron randomly in Harvard Square and stash our stuff in his room while shopping in Boston. He's just finished Harvard Law Review competition and is out of his goddamned mind. Makes a bat out of lettuce. Stay the night with Mandy's lovely friend Rachel from Quaker Cottage and get to meet Kylee. All play Wii.

Friday: Providence in the morning. Mall. Barbeque in the backyard with the families of Shawn, Kat, and Jon. Mostly, Jon's family, Jon, Sam, Mandy and I sit in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and talking about boobs. People leave, we get all dappered up and head out to the Alumni Campus Dance, a Gatsby-esque festival of alcohol that's hard to wait in line for. I manage drunkeness, and we all go to a house party where I meet Ben, my new colleague in Shanghai, by busting in his bedroom door and demanding that we create a code word for cool people that will be allowed in our friend group. That word? "Pelican."

Saturday: During the Baccalaureate, Sam, Rose, Sherry, Mandy, Emily, Josh, and I head to Horseneck Beach. I fall asleep on my tummy and get horrible leg/lower butt sunburn. Lunch at restaurant located by GPS. Excellent chowda. Got the stink eye from old Rhode Islanders. Then Water Fire, a festival themed for and decorated with Salvadore Dali's exploded brain. Got mesmerized by androgynous statue man who gave me a note that says, "Choose to be forgiven. Confession is good for the soul."

Sunday: Graduation hullaballoo. Cut out on the Latin part to get some more chowda, but missed B.B. King. Lots of merrymaking. Angry old ladies. Huge root sculpture. Dog usurped my ice water. Returned to see Jon receive his diploma. Got cheese and cookies. Nap.

Monday: Slept in. Most of day at the mall. Mandy slashed her face pretending to be Tinkerbell. Haircuts. Dinosaurs 3D. Group picture with Alan Shawn Feinstein at Alan Shawn Feinstein theatre. Saw the WV relatives off. Italian dinner in Federal Hill. Decorative cakes. Fountain. Later, Betty Boop.

Tuesday: Lunch @ Zog's. Shopping. Plane ride home. Direct TV on Jet Blue lets me see exactly 1/4 of the season finale of House. Crashed with Tristan in Motown.

So that's pretty much it. About 6 new albums will be on Facebook soon. Get ready.

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yep, this is Leora. i'mma keep tabs on you on this blog now...