Friday, March 20, 2009

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

We're learning about riddle poems in my 5th grade honors English class. Here are some of the submissions I received yesterday. Answers (lest you need them) are at the bottom of the post.

1. I am famous and I am bright.
I am hottest at blue and coldest at red.
Always there to be,
Though not in your eyes.
I can be seen through a river,
a telescope, or a mirror.

2. I am wrapped inside boxes,
which people give others.
Yesterday is rubbish to me
because I only care about "now."
Though I have two meanings,
I am still one word.
If you know me,
You are very wise.

3. I am hardened rain and crystallized tears.
On Antarctica, I've existed for years.
Hard as glass, soft as silk,
I taste great with sugar and milk.
You can see me as transparent,
You can see me white.
You can't see me when I fly,
but you could when I'm dry.

4. My brother was home plate.
The military thinks I'm useful.
People whisper that I'm off limits.
The letters I'm created of are as be.
Scramble through the first of me
and you get closer to gaining a point.
What am I?

5. Sometimes I'm tall,
Sometimes slight,
But never do I have might.
I loom to sight (?) in bright light,
But vanish in the dark black night.

My owner loves me dearly,
Since I'm by her every hour.
But often she's still lonely,
Not knowing where I am.

You see I'm not a person
Who talks and eats with her.
She can touch but yet not feel me,
So what on Earth can I be?

Oooo! Answers:
1. star
2. present
3. ice
4. base
5. a shadow

I love my kids!

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