Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maybe I should write again?

Maybe I should get my thoughts down on pa...well, this electronic stuff a little more often. Tristan said there were like 20 people at Brittany's wedding that read this thing religiously, waiting with baited (baited?) breath for my next bowel-shatteringly hilarious insights into the world around me. Why doesn't anybody tell me these things? Shit! If there's anything I love, it's someone who thinks I'm awesome. If you read this and you like it, would you please leave me a little something that makes me think it's worthwhile to keep writing? Even if it's just a little, "Hiya, buddy. I don't know you, but sometimes your writing makes me pee a little."

So maybe you should expect more from me. Maybe. I say that with incredible flakiness. But while I'm here, let me go ahead and update you on, well, things since October here in Zhongguo.

November: Thanksgiving was celebrated at Punjabi just like last year. Afterwards, the Punjabi dancer mysteriously disappeared for several months, making us all very sad. But then he came back. All rejoiced.

December: Tristan visited! I got a migraine, which was not fun. The night before Tristan and I left for Beijing, we both got horrible stomach flus and were projectile vomiting up to and including our arrival at the airport. It was awful, but fun and memorable in retrospect. We climbed the Great Wall the next day, luckily without barfing, and I realized that day that I am very bad at physical activity that involves climbing and/or walking. So Tristan spent all day encouraging my winging fat ass up the 2000-year-old national treasure as I screamed things like, "LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE." Beautiful, though. Then we went to Xi'an (crazy Christmas party) and Chengdu (pandas!). Tristan partied like a rock star with my friends, while I mostly stayed at home and ate things.

January: I spent CNY holiday (Happy Ox Year, btw) in Amsterdam and Istanbul. That is all you need to know. Just kidding. More later.

February: CNY ended, the new semester began. Jingle and I went to a singles mixer (neither of us 100% single at the time) on V-day at Vinoteca for some chocolate and sparkling wine. Even though we tried our best to win the free bubbly offered to people who played love games the hardest core, we lost again and again. (We still got roses and chocolate, so not a complete loss.) Several days later, I stopped seeing someone right in the goddamned middle of an all-out body crushing sinus infection that had me snotting uncontrollably and sleeping for 48 hours straight in unbearable pain. It was a rough couple of days.

So all shittiness in my personal life aside, the Next Big Thing is my first art exhibition at Harley's Bar this Saturday! (Which I didn't know about until one of my office mates read the notice to me off the school's message board.) All in the Shanghai area should attend and offer to buy my stuff, though none of it will be for sale. You can offer though, and that would make me feel good about myself. The pieces are marker on canvas, black-and-white cartoons of the seven deadly sins, minus Pride, which I have not created yet. I may or may not have it available for Saturday. (Probably not.)


Horace said...

Hiya Buddy. I do know you, and your writing makes me pee a little.

In fact, I'm running off to the loo right now.

OK back. Nice to see you back online, and I'm sure your bro has told you about the continuing entanglements of clan Plummer and clan Claycomb. No good can come of this.

For the record, Lilah wears both sarongs, and I open all of my beer with a Chinese-opera-mask bottle opener. Thanks to you.

Brittany said...

I'm waiting with baited? enthusiam to hear all about Istanbul (and to see pictures). I want to go so bad!!!