Monday, May 5, 2008

Vitamins C and D

So my hair is bright orange and the sun is shining. How can life, honestly, get any better?

The four-day holiday was a massive success. All was kicked off on Wednesday with a sleepover at Cindy's family's luxurious Pudong palace and an all-day barbeque on Thursday which ended with our friend Dave passed out on a toilet with the door open. Friday was spent at a delicious cajun restaurant called Cafe du Monde for brunch, followed by hair dying and nails did. Saturday brought the fabric market for summer clothes, lunch at Whisk, and a huge shopping spree at Ikea to outfit my kitchen (I have a salad spinner, ya'll). I slept all day yesterday. Like, all day, really. Until about 8:00 pm. It kinda sucks, actually, and I have to wonder if I was secretly ill or something to be able to physically sleep that long.

So that was my weekend, and with every passing hour I'm more and more happy that I'm staying on for another year. I can't wait to go home and visit everyone this summer, but really, life is so much bigger here.

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