Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I'm Totally Into: March 24, 2008

South Korean armed border patrol robots
Okay, when I first heard about this issue at lunch a few days ago, someone said that it was actually North Korea that had the armed robots. But after looking it up just now, it appears that's not the case. Since I'm eagerly awaiting the robot takeover much like my friend Cindy is busy assembling an arsenal of chainsaws and flamethrowers in anticipation of the upcoming zombie apocalypse, I'm totally psyched to hear about this first great leap forward in the direction of Total Robot Domination. As an added bonus, Kim Jong Il is sure to retaliate with his own army of autonomous killing machines to battle those of South Korea. Fingers crossed it's available on Pay-Per-View.

the possibility of a third Charlie's Angels movie
Dude, have you seen these in a while? They're awesome! By "awesome" I mean "horrible," but in a really fun way. I like these movies like I like The Core.

junk-emphasizing undergarments
My friend Morgan wrote an article last month about this season's hottest in the arena of Shanghai men's intimates--the Sling, underwear that puts your dude business into an elevated ring and hoists it breathtakingly into the limelight. Fuck the WonderBra--it's time to teach the ladies a thing or two about flaunting some bits all up in your face. Guys, this is totally the coolest thing to happen to you since Guitar Hero.

roller disco
Costumes. Open bar. Roller skates. Limbo. Everyone comes out with nasty bruises and fond memories. What fucking isn't to love?

The Untitled X-Files Sequel
If you're reading this, you probably know me well enough to know that I was a PHENOMENAL X-Files geek throughout the majority of my adolescence. In the seven years since the final episode aired in the spring of 2002 (the Ally McBeal series finale was the next night. It was a bad week.), rumors have circled the internet, ever hinting at a possible reunion movie, but for the longest time nothing was official. Well, it's finally happening. The pictures are up on IMDB and it's categorized as "post-production." There's no plot synopsis so I don't know what it's about. I don't care. Expect me to dye my hair red and wear my finest mid-90s power suit to the premiere.

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