Sunday, March 2, 2008

List of things I'm into at the moment:

After getting off of Facebook, which I've found a marvelous move, by the way, I am sort of left with a hole in the fabric of my social interaction. (Awesome metaphor and great sentence.) I still kind of want to share when I get into new things, but now I don't have a simple "Favorite Movies" or "Music" box within which to update my ever-changing tastes. So here's an update of entertainment I've grown to dig over the last week...I'll probably be doing this a lot from now on:

-Sweeny Todd. Sometimes I don't expect movies to be musicals, and if I'm not ready for it, I spend the first half of the movie laughing and feeling awkward. But then I re-watched it, and I can't get the "Johanna" song out of my head. I also have lesbian crushes on both Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, so the casting gets my seal of approval.

-The Rolling Stones. I think I've found my classic rock band! I don't know if that's a good choice or not among music connoisseurs, but I've never had good taste in music so I'll go ahead and consider this an improvement. If you think not, go ahead and shoot me an email.

-The Pixies. The Pixies...have you heard The Pixies? Fuah. Why didn't anyone tell me they rocked so hard? Currently, my Favorite Song of All Time is "I've Been Tired." It makes me feel like I need a big sailor tattoo and some fingerless gloves and chain smoke like I. don't. even. give. a. fuck.

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Horace said...

Careful, Mo...with that pixies comment, you're beginning to sound like you graduated high school in '90 or something. Bad for your cred. Next thing you know you'll be wearing argyle and getting wistful about the good ol' days when Frank Black was Black Francis...Oh, wait...that's me. damn.