Wednesday, August 8, 2007

¡Hasta lauego, Costa Rica!

I return tomorrow from my two weeks of glorious sweaty jungle travel, and I´m really sad for the first time about my upcoming departure for Shanghai. C´est la vie.

Let´s see...what´s happened since last we spoke? Pues...

1. I wrecked the motorcycle. Keep in mind that when I say ¨wrecked¨I really mean ¨fell over while riding quite slowly¨and when I say ¨motorcycle¨I really mean ¨motorscooter.¨ But potato, poTAHto, my injuries still made me look relatively badass for a couple of days. All in all, I came out of it with my right leg a little banged up, a couple of cuts on my shoulder, and a massive knot on my head that forced me to sleep on my left side for a couple of nights. Speaking of which--

2. I got the most killer neck crick from hell the other day. Shit, I thought I was going to have to buy one of those attractive neck stabilizer things. Turns out, I didn´t.

3. I went to Golfito and played with dolphins. Dad and Sil went to the Deposito to buy Charlie some birthday presents (which is about an hour boat´s ride away), and on the way there a pod of bottlenose dolphins swam up to the boat and stuck with us for about 5 minutes, during which we got some great videos and some mediocre photos. I´ll get those posted upon my return.

4. I built a house. Okay, so it was Charlito´s playhouse--a present for his fourth birthday. Still, I put the fucker together myself, complete with skylight and working doorbell. I guess all that experience I have putting together particle board furniture really paid off.

Dad apparently bought an orange grove on top of a mountain since last I was down. He and Charlito and I went up to it and ate some oranges in the middle of the jungle. And at Bob´s (our neighbor and dad´s best friend) house, I spent the usual amount of time strumming a ukelele and watching Ed the enormous marine iguana and George the old and lonely howler monkey climbing around in the yard. Actually, over the course of the trip I only went into town twice, so I´m a little disappointed (but not too much) that I didn´t get to see the usual townies before I head to China. But oh well.

Get ready for facebook pictures, a few of which I´ll post on here. I´m off to the states at ass o´clock tomorrow morning and am without an alarm clock, so fingers crossed I make my flight.

Hasta mañana, baby.

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