Monday, May 7, 2007

Welcome to the Federated Emerates of Mo's Kickass WWII Platform

I'm assuming that everyone else uses the words "MySpace," "Facebook," and "Wikipedia" as verbs. My question then is what is the past tense of the infinitive "to Wikipedia"? Clearly, the answer is a word that sounds like "wikipedi-uhd." But how would you go about spelling it? Wikipediaed? Wikipedied? Niether of these look right.

So, somebody, come up with a standardized spelling, becaused I just Wikipedi-uhd "micronation" (thanks, Jonc!), and it may have changed my life. Pictured below is the nation of Sealand in the North Sea. It is a constitutional monarchy with its very own ruling family and permanent population of less than 20, and it's up for sale. They're wanting 8 figures. As far as I can tell, it'd be totally worth it.


Jonc said...

Finally, finally, we're going to be royalty. We just need to find a few billion, but that's only a minor detail. Now what will be our royal titles?

Mo said...

My official title will be either Cap'n or Freshest Funkmaster of the FEMKWWIIP.

Horace said...

Oh, because your delusions of grandeur need more fuel.

Now I, on the other hand, would make an excellent micromonarch.