Thursday, April 26, 2007


on Jessica Lynch:

Does she talk to Fox News? I know I wouldn't if I were her.

on Westboro Baptist Church:

Apparently they got airtime and cancelled their VT protests. That's nice. Fucktards.

on the Argentine Wide-Mouthed Frog:

Did ya'll SEE my previous post? Those frogs have HUGE mouths! And they'll just like, eat anything that moves. On the show, they had a shot of one of them trying to eat another one twice his size. The big frog just looked bored as the other just continued to bite him, motionless.

on my writing:

Dont'cha worry, folks. I get writing momentum that I'm just starting to build up. I will spend the next few weeks continuing to get faster, stronger, flexing my wit muscles. In the meantime, you get to sludge through this shit. I'd suggest you check back in about a month.

on Basset Hounds:

They are so fat and short. They move like dinosaurs and smell like rotting meat. And yet, they are beautiful.

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