Thursday, April 5, 2007


I see no reason why this shouldn't be my first *real* post.

Except it's not really a real post, is it? Not by blogging standards. After all, this ain't no damned diary.

Or something.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I've applied to the Appalachians Abroad Teach in China Program through Marshall University. I should be going o'er there in August and staying for a year. If I get into law school, which would be a miracle, I'll defer for a while. Law school can wait--the Olympics can not.

"The Olympics?" you say. Yeah. the Olympics. I love the Olympics like none other, and when in China, I have every intention to volunteer. Jealous?

So, today I got my placement options. My choices are:

1) Shanghai Jing An Education College in Shanghai. Salary: 4,800 Yuan per month (somewhere between 500 and 600 dollars). But I'd have a shared kitchen in my apartment, AND it's in Shanghai (where the Olympics are not being held). This is my third choice.

2) Sinopec Management Personnel College in Beijing. This is my only Beijing option. I'd make around 500 a month, with a free and completely to-myself apartment with free internet access. And it's in Beijing. I am, however, slightly wary of teaching employees of a company called "Sinopec," so, alas, this had to be my number two choice.

and finally

3) Shanghai High School International Division. This place, despite not being in the Olympic city, would be RAD to get a job in. It's a public international school with grades 1-12, so I'd get to teach the little ones. I have my own very own free apartment with private everything. And the final factor that tipped the balance of my decision in its favor is the fact that I'll be making about 1500 USD a month. In China. With a free apartment. That's exciting.

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